• The Deviants saga starts with a bang!

    Before the worlds ended, and before the universe fell to chaos, there were The Deviants. These troublemakers may look cute, but don't be fooled—they hold the very key to our survival. (For better or worse...)

    Their story spans the centuries, unfolding all across our new media ecosystem, from webcomics, to NFTs, to the gameplay of the forthcoming metaRPG, Astra Nova.

    They're the first ownable, animated characters from the many worlds of Astra Nova —and their journey begins here.

    So join the community, grab a piece of the story—and hold on for dear life.

  • Fiery first denizens of Astra Nova

    Rowdy agents of unbridled chaos? Misunderstood hellions?

    Life is never what you expect when you're a Deviant.

    Sure, there's the whole blinked-into-cataclysmic-existence-via-bio-spiritual-engineering-by-omnipotent-beings thing.

    But we'll get to all that later.

  • Deep Secrets & Small Bodies

    For starters, you've got The Secret To All Creation encoded into your DNA—which you're dying to shout from the rooftops.

    But it's hard to talk about when, to most people, you sound like a human two-year-old.

    Understandably, you'd probably be frustrated to the point of anger. Maybe even a tiny bit of rage.

    Oh, and speaking of tiny: you're barely tall enough to reach a door handle. Which probably doesn't help with the rage.

10,000 different ways to get in trouble.

Catch 'em all—if you can.

In this collection, there are 10,000 unique, animated Deviants non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that will reside on the Ethereum network.

Each Deviants offers a first glimpse into the worlds of Astra Nova and unlocks exclusive lore and in-game features.

Their design reflects a perfect genetic replication of the 15 species of the Five Worlds, created to test the habitability of Astra Nova.

But to account for all possibilities, the creators packed these mischievous miniatures with thousands of genetic deviations—and got much more than they bargained for.

Learn more about the Deviants lore on our Discord and mint your own Deviants now.

Chronicle of Chaos:
A Saga for the Ages

Explore the first threads of an epic Deviants tale by clicking on the "eras" below.

More than a wallet collectible Indulge your inner Deviant with product exclusives.

Each NFT is a piece of Astra Nova history

You'll become part of the hidden history of Astra Nova and participate in key moments of the Age of the Deviants.

You'll own bespoke animated characters and CC0 license to use for in your own stories.

Join the Community and shape the Deviants saga!

Your Deviant experience will span a range of product features in the coming months.

First, you’ll read along with the ongoing Age of the Deviants online graphic novel and participate in online community tie-in events.

Your portal into the development of the Astra Nova MetaRPG

While the game is in active development, your Deviant NFT gives you front row access to behind the scenes story creation, concept art, and demo updates.

Deviants will be unlockable companions in the Astra Nova MetaRPG game, meaning your Deviant NFT will become your ally in gameplay and world exploration.

The Deviants are coming. and you're not ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Deviants, are **10,000** in-game 3D VFX enabled animated companion characters, which are the key to unlocking the mysteries of Astra Nova’s game world. These characters are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) living on the Ethereum and Hedera chain, each being completely unique. The Deviants come in 15 different unique species, with every single Deviant having its own story. These stories will unfold through multi-channel lore that will grow as Astra Nova evolves. In addition to the stories in the game, the lore will be available through Discord, Twitter, Medium, and other channels.
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Astra Nova is a MetaRPG intent on creating a playground of infinite possibility for its players, coupled with an expansive story and world for them to explore, inhabit and - crucially - change. It's a Free to play game which doesn't gate access of the game to any community.
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Deviants are the key to the Astra Nova Ecosystem.
  1. Early beta testers of the Astra Nova game release.
  2. Deviants lore is an integral part of Astra Nova gameplay.
  3. Premium gameplay experience with exclusive access to tailor-made storylines. special missions and other custom perks within Astra Nova game.
  4. Special Whitelist spot for minting Astra Nova's future NFT launches which includes the Orion's Realm Land Series and Sentinel Series.
  5. The Deviants NFT collection evolves into another upgraded Deviants NFT collection on Hedera network.
  6. Exclusive access to Deviants Webcomics. Deviant Holders get free access to graphic novel releases for a period of time.
  7. Chance to win your very own 3D printed deviant character models, clothes worn by the Deviants IRL.
  8. Deviants can be used as avatars for popular video calling applications like Teams. Google Meet, Zoom etc.
  9. In-game avenues of monetization for holders via P2P marketplace.
  10. Access to Deviants minigame which would be released prior to the main game launch.
  11. Premiere access to community events. competitions and raffle draws.
  12. Stake/Rent out Deviants for passive income.
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The Deviant NFTs would be minted on the ETH chain and later Evolved Deviants NTFs would be minted on the Hedera Chain for the holders of the Deviants NFTs. Basically you're buying into 2 collections by buying into the Deviants!
Read “Deviants Evolution”

Contact Community Head via email on nutty@astranova.world or @NuttyPaws21 on Telegram.

Yes, upon completion of certain missions they would earn Revive tokens($RVV) and seasonal NFT rewards in the game once launched.